Organic Homegrown Music

I have played in bands since the 60s and have heard a few original songs presented. Linda Faye Carson's originals are the best I have heard bar none.”

— Landy Hardy, Emmy Award winning veteran of the film industry, musician & music lover

Linda Faye Carson


Rooted in folk, rock, country and beyond...known around Humboldt County, CA for her organic, homegrown singing-songwriting and solo performances, Linda Faye played a cameo at Reggae on the River in 2016 and with her band, LodeStar at the Humboldt Folklife Festival 2018 & 2019, the bustling Friday Night Market & Westhaven Center for the Arts 2019.

She has performed for select audiences during tours in Europe 2016 and Mexico 2016 & 2017

Her current projects include the first LodeStar album, a collaborative lullaby album project and an “unplugged” solo album.

“My biggest blessing has been my ability not just to overcome adversity but to be able to transform it into something of value,” Linda Faye said. “Creativity is the key that unlocked that ability, harvesting all of my life experiences and making them rich fodder for songwriting sessions. I want to share that blessing through those songs.”