I have played in bands since the 60s and have heard a few original songs presented. Linda Faye Carson's originals are the best I have heard bar none.”

Landy Hardy, Emmy Award winning veteran of the film industry, musician & music lover

Singer Songwriter

Medicinal Folk-Grass

Naturally Good For You! Organic music homegrown in Humboldt County.
Linda Faye Carson crafts lyrics-driven songs on a vintage Yamaha FG75; songs that are joyful, mournful, uplifting & commiserating.

Songs of her life--songs of your life.

Sample Tracks

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Linda Faye Carson


Linda Faye Carson writes passionate music for the people.”

Bob Doran--Former Editor of the North Coast Journal & "The Hum" author

And I Quote

"Linda Faye Carson

is one of those magical colorful deities...

that will forever embody youth, joy, and vitality regardless of age. With Linda, there is no need to be anything other than who you are...

I found a boldness and gentleness within her character that I intuit is refined through time and a great deal of life experiences...battling hard drugs, cancer, prison, and more. You can hear it through her voice and songs.

It's this feeling

This powerful energy exchange that when someone is sharing something so completely real and raw...sung in a way as if it was written for you."

Tiffany Lin
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